The Barefoot Approach

Are you looking for a service that provides real value on an ongoing basis?

Barefoot Accounting will do just that.

This isn’t empty marketing ‘mumbo-jumbo’; we pride ourselves on providing exceptional and relevant value to every customer we work with. In fact, it’s our reputation and the positive relationships that we build with our clients that’s enabled our business to grow to where it is today.

At Barefoot we make three promises to you:


Our First Promise to You

Your business is our prime focus and we will work around your requirements to create a service plan that is right for your business and its culture.

You know all too well that the ‘one size fits all’ approach and business do not mix – and the same goes for accounting. Whether you’re a start up company looking for support, a multimillion pound firm in need of a higher level of assistance, or somewhere in between, you have our word that your investment in our services will be beneficial to your business. 


Our Second Promise to You

We’ll Watch Your Back. Simple.

Quite often clients are unaware of certain issues that could be hindering their productivity. If we think something will further help you or your business, then we’ll discuss it with you and implement it as part of your standard service. 


Our Third Promise to You

You have our full support from the get go.

If you find your finances somewhat baffling or even a source of worry, you are not alone. Many business owners - from start-ups through to well-established corporations - often feel a sense of anxiety and confusion when it comes to their accounts. That’s why we offer our full support and guidance with every service level that we offer. 

Once you get in touch  with us, there is no reason why you should ever be troubled by your accounts again. And that’s a powerful position to be in, because as a business owner, it’s you who’s responsible for your financial information – whether you understand it or not.