Need Some Help for Your Charity?

Running a charity can be challenging. There are many things to deal with which often have to be negotiated around day-jobs!

Most charities find that their finances are particularly troublesome, let alone finding a Treasurer to help out!

This is a shame.

Rather than accepting various offers to become the treasurer of a few charities, I'm developing a service with small charities in mind. A scalable and cost-effective way to help support small charities (particularly SCIO's) who don't have the resources to manage their finances themselves.

The idea is to demystify a charity's finances so that its board are able to make better decisions to further their cause.

By providing robust systems and support, the role of the treasurer would be made much easier. This in turn should make it easier fill, especially with someone who is passionate about your cause


What's on Offer

For a concessionary monthly fee I'd provide

  • Quarterly Reviews
  • Guidance and support
  • Accounting Software
  • Preparation of the Annual Accounts
  • Independent Examination

Currently I am looking for a handful of charities to work with, as I develop the service.


Please get in touch if you're interested:

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