Spreadsheeting to Glory

A Series of FREE Webinars: Thursday 27th October

Let’s face it many people use spreadsheets to keep track of their accounts. Why not – they’re powerful tools, but only if you set them up right. Often spreadsheets are created as a simple list, but with a few tweaks can offer so much more.

On Thursday 27th October I'm going to be presenting a series of four practically focused webinars where I will build up an accounting system in Excel from scratch.

By seeing how an accounting system is built you’ll:

  • Understand how your accounts work
  • Learn some tricks and useful features in Excel
  • See how you can use your data
  • End up with an easily maintained accounting system

The build will be split into four parts but don't worry if you can't make all of them, while they will build on each other I intend to make each webinar stand alone.


Part 1: Bringing your Information Together (09:30)

The focus of this will be how to set things up in the first place

  • Using Bank Transaction downloads

  • Bank Reconciliations

  • Splitting out the VAT

Part 2: Refining and Analysing your Data (11:00)

We will then look at refining this data to provide more meaningful information

  • Creating transaction and project categories
  • VAT return templates
  • Using Pivots to Analyse the data

Part 3: Generating Invoices and Tracking Payments (13:00)

We'll expand the system to incorporate invoicing

  • Creating an email template
  • Put together a list of invoices
  • Integrate this with the bank transactions to monitor what is due

Part 4: Building Reports (14:30)

Finally we'll explore the various ways in which we can use the information to create management reports....


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