Is your mind still itching with questions? Here is what some of our clients like to know before they start working with us...


What software do you provide?

We offer a range of software options to suit the needs of the many different clients we work with.  Saving our clients time is always a prime focus of ours - online options tend to offer the greatest degree of flexibility although we are more than happy to build bespoke spreadsheets for our clients. 
Our current software partners include: 
FreeAgent, Freshbooks, Quickbooks, Sage, Receiptbank, Kashflow, Xero, Live Plan

Do I have to use cloud accounting

No, not at all.  We have extensive experience with spreadsheet and paper-based systems and has even created several of our own from scratch
The key to your accounting success is working with a system that is built around your business culture and your preferences.


There are no contracts with any of our monthly accounting services and you are under no obligation to work with us for any duration of time. Should you wish to cancel your service plan then simply let us know.

I am happy with my current accountant but can I still use your support services?

Yes, of course! Many business owners have good relationships with their existing accountants but still require that extra support. Our flexible approach and adaptable service plans means we can bring many benefits to your existing accountancy set-up. In fact; we specialise in systems and management accounts that could greatly compliment an existing arrangement. We base our success on the advantages we bring to our clients, not how many clients we acquire!

Can I change service plans as my business grows or develops?

Yes!  We work closely with each of our clients and we will discuss with you if we think your business would benefit from a higher level of support. As business owners ourselves, we understand that a sustainable business needs support that is uniquely created around its changing needs. We will move with your business to ensure that the service we provide keeps pace with the growth of your company.

I am not sure what service is right for me. Can you help?

Yes! We offer a free, no-obligation telephone consultation to all business owners. A major contributor to our success is the time we take to get to know our customers to be able to provide a service that’s specifically suited to their business.

I need help with my accounts but I am not ready to sign up to a monthly service. Can you still help?

Certainly!  If you can’t find what you’re looking for within our list of services, contact us for a chat and we’ll almost certainly be able to help.

What’s with the company name?

We’re named after the Chinese barefoot doctors who made healthcare more accessible! We have the same goal with accountancy.

Do you have a referral scheme in place?

In order to help maintain our high standards, we prefer clients to recommend us based on the service they’ve received, rather than in exchange for an incentive. 

Have a question that we haven’t answered?  Contact us by phone or email and we’ll happily let you pick our brains!